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Get an expert physiotherapist

Get an expert physiotherapist in Bangalore, using the latest techniques to treat you in the comfort of your home. Our physios can help you with:
Stroke & neuro rehabilitation
Geriatric physio care
Paediatric physiotherapy
Cardio respiratory rehabilitation
Orthopaedic physio & Pain management
Stretching & Strengthening exercise
Inability improve through Co ordination and gait training programme
Imbalance will correct through Balancing exercises
Manual techniques
Special children exercise programme

Home nurse visits

Medical’s highly trained nurses excel in providing services such as:
Post surgical care
Urine catheterization care
Wound care
Oxygen administration
Post tracheotomy Care
Suture removal
Injections (IV, IM, SC)
IV infusion & more

Hospital Special Nursing Care

Bedside Nursing Care
Pre Operative Post & Operative Care
Prepare / assist patients in therapeutic procedures – Investigations
Care of patients in CCU / ICU
Assisting patient during Dialysis procedures
Escort patient during shifting / transport to different departments
Accompanying patient during physiotherapy

In-home doctor visit

Call for an in-home doctor’s visit.
“Medical” is a unique service which on availing brings a world class General practitioner to your door step to attend to your loved one’s medical need. The services of the doctor can be anywhere between a regular vital checking to giving a first aid in a major illness. Doctor on special request visits the patient on a regular basis at intervals Advantages of Doctors Visit at Home:-
Relives the Suffering of Waiting time & Appointments of a Hospital.
Periodic Visits by a experienced Doctor.
Monitoring the Patient Progress Comprehensively & Continuously.
Expertise in Pain Management & Symptom Control.
Heal Faster & Better in a Relaxed Home.
Save time and money.
Great for patients with limited mobility.
Schedule visits at a time that’s convenient for you.
Spend up to one hour with the doctor

Physiotherapists in Bangalore Available With Prior Appointment

Physiotherapists in Bangalore are becoming immensely popular among the cosmopolitan crowd. The hectic life schedule, long commute to work combined with stress, and age-related ailments are taking a toll in the lives of the Bangaloreans. Whether it’s a lingering back pain, neck pain or a frozen shoulder, never ignore these symptoms. Vanish the pain by consulting the best physiotherapist in Bangalore.

Physiotherapists in Bangalore are known to be your saviors when your body does not respond to you. We are all living in a world that is full of mental stress and tension. The hectic work schedule, getting stuck in the traffic, and long hours of commute to work are making things miserable to one and all apart from age-old ailments. This will severely affect the muscles and the tissues of our body resulting in body cramps accompanied by severe pain.

As a result severe back pain, slip disc, neck pain, spondylitis, knee pain, arthritis, shoulder pain, and frozen shoulder have become the most common ailments amongst us. If these symptoms are ignored, it could cause serious damage to the muscles and the tissues which can lead to adverse health effects.

It is always suggested to seek the advice of an expert physiotherapist in Bangalore. A physiotherapist will examine the injury caused and it’s severity by giving suitable suggestions and therapies.

The benefits of a physiotherapy treatment in Bangalore consist of :

  • Efficient pain control
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation and recovery
  • Flexible movement of the joints
  • Win back your confidence, mobility, and stability
  • Lesser dependence on others
  • Better quality of life

With an advance in technology and state-of-art infrastructure, physiotherapy has gone to a next level. Some of the advanced treatment includes:

  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Total knee replacement program
  • Neuromuscular rehabilitation
  • Regular cerebral palsy therapy

Physiotherapy may not be everyone’s choice of treatment. Often, people with restricted mobility and chronic pain opt for surgery than going for physiotherapy. They believe that surgery is an effective way to treat the problem. However, many physiotherapists refer patients to undergo physiotherapy as the first course of action.

Some of the key benefits of physiotherapy are :

It helps manage pain

Chronic pain is known to be one of the most frustrating conditions to experience if the underlying cause is not known. Physiotherapy techniques and exercises help relax your joints, tissues and restore muscle function thereby minimizing the pain and the aches. With prescribed exercise at regular intervals, helps keep pain at bay.

Helps prevent injuries

One of the most important aspects of physiotherapy is that it involves assessing the delicate areas in the patient’s body and draft a physiotherapy plan that helps strengthen the joints and the tissues that are highly prone to injuries. By diagnosing the areas of muscular or skeletal weakness, a physiotherapist can analyze to what extent the patient has suffered the injury. Accordingly, a physiotherapist will suggest a suitable exercise therapy that targets and strengthen the weak muscles and joints. Hence, it prevents future injuries in these areas.

Physiotherapy helps overcome general health issues

Physiotherapy helps handle and manage several age-related health problems like joint pain, arthritis, slip disc, muscle spasm etc. It is known to be one of the best alternatives for older patients. The process is safe and more conservative approach than undergoing a traumatic experience as in the case with a joint replacement surgery. It is more effective for patients with cardiac disorders.

Helps overcome age-related issues

There is a phrase that says “Prevention Is Better than Cure”. As age catches up with individuals, there are high chances of patients developing arthritis, lower back pain, shoulder pain and many other health complications which are unavoidable. Physiotherapy helps patients overcome these symptoms at an initial stage. It is always better to prevent the ailment at an early stage rather than getting it cured at a later stage. With physiotherapy, one can avoid major surgeries like knee surgery, hip surgery, joint replacement surgery, and so on.

Physiotherapy helps manage blood pressure, diabetes and vascular conditions

Often, physiotherapists suggest an individual management plan to manage blood pressure, diabetes and vascular conditions. Diabetes is known to be one of the ‘silent killers’ among the people in the world. Hypertension or high blood pressure can lead to cardiac vascular diseases and stroke among many individuals who are above the age of 40. Physiotherapy helps manage your blood pressure, monitor your blood sugar levels through exercises. These can be in the form of aerobic and weight strengthening exercises.

Physiotherapy helps avoid surgery

Physiotherapy helps avoid surgery to a certain extent. It helps to get rid of pain and improves physical health. Physiotherapy helps heal the injured tissues and facilitate easy mobility rather the need to go under the scissors and knife. It helps you to recover faster from prolonged chronic illness.

Improves mobility and balance

Physiotherapy assists in the mobility and balance of the body to a large extent. Many times, after a major surgery or serious injury patients find it hard to be back on their feet. Their mobility in undertaking normal activities like walking, eating, writing and balancing the body can pose a huge challenge. This is where physiotherapy comes handy. Therapeutic exercises recommended by the physiotherapists can restore mobility and can improve the overall coordination in patients who are at high risk of falling or with vertigo problems.

Helps patients recover from a stroke

A stroke can be life-threatening and at times can lead to death. Physiotherapy helps strengthen your body posture and helps patients to be more independent.

Helps combat heart and lung diseases

According to a recent study undertaken, a majority of the people suffer from heart and lung diseases. Heart and lung diseases claim the lives of many people globally. After a cardiac attack if the patient is on the road to recovery then physiotherapy is often used as an aid to make sure that you lead a normal life. A physiotherapist will suggest a suitable training programme post surgery.

Acts as a health booster after surgery

Physiotherapy acts as a major health booster among patients after a surgery. It helps restore the body functions. It helps in building strength in your muscles and eases pain and swelling in the sensitive areas that are highly prone to injuries. Physiotherapy increases blood circulation to the heart and the brain and hence avoid blood clots that can be grievous to one’s life.

Does Physiotherapy Really Work?

Many of us have the false assumption that physiotherapy does not work. But the fact is that physiotherapy works. Many times people have come up saying that it doesn’t work. One of the main reasons could be due to the ineffective program prescribed by the physiotherapist. Physiotherapy consists of different disciplines or techniques like exercise therapy, therapeutic therapy, manual therapy, wound care therapy etc. It is the job of the physiotherapist to listen to your specific needs and suggest a suitable treatment regime for your overall well-being.