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Should You Buy a House To Lead Your Retired Life? Or Need A Good Senior Citizen Home To Serve You At Old Age?


Elderly Home

As a team of Sumukha we are committed to extend much needed love and happiness to the elders despite their age. We conduct psychological programs and workshops for the sick and unhealthy people to understand them life is always beautiful. We motivates and inspires for further increase their happiness and satisfaction.
Enable Choice
Preserve Dignity
Encourage Independence
Promote/ Enhance Quality of Life

Food Beverages

One of the major constraints Elders face these days is access to hygienic, fresh and timely food.
At Sumukha: we believe that one of the key to a happy living among elders is to get adequate, well balanced, hygienically cooked food in time.
We put in a lot of efforts in understanding each individual needs, diets, medical condition and then plan their meal. While most of the meals are planned for all inmates together, individual preferences will be taken into account.

Our meal schedule and items include:

Morning : Tea / Coffee / Beverage of their choice.
Breakfast : Idli / Dosa / Upma / Poha / Rava Idli / Chapati / Sandwich / Rice Recipes like Pulao, Puliogere and Tomato Rice etc.
Mid-morning snack : Butter milk with sprouts /salads, or Tea / Coffee with biscuits.
Lunch & Dinner : – Rice, Sambar/Rasam, Vegetables, curds.
Evening snacks : – Coffee / tea / beverages with biscuits / home baked cookies / bun and breads.


Like at any home, inmates will have access to
Satellite cable TV
DVD players (with choice of old movies)
Music players and Computers with hi-speed internet access.
Picnics will be organized frequently to nearby places.
Mind stimulating group activities to make inmates stay active mentally.
Assistance will be provided to those who need help in using internet.


Our housekeepers regularly clean and mop all the areas with sterilizers/disinfectant.
Laundry of bed sheets, towels, with ironing of daily wear.
Arranging and cleaning of beds and rooms daily.
Maintain clean toilets and sanitation.
Bed-bath to those who need.
Equipped with backup-power.

Nursing services

Daily medication.
Monitoring of BP, Sugar levels.
Dressing of wounds.
Provide help in moving around, eating food etc.


Sumukha provides a secure, happy, and a relaxed home offering with a high standard of care to the senior resident. We have placed ourselves in the field of old age home to set a benchmark in providing a quality home health centre in Bangalore. Sumukha are one of the pioneers in providing an assisted living to the seniors. Today Sumukha is one of the leading senior assist home health centres in Bangalore having an elderly home in Jayanagar, Sarjapur road, and Marathahalli. We at Sumukha are committed to render an assisted living facility for seniors like:

  • Providing respect and dignity for senior resident
  • Providing the best assisted living to the elderly on a 24/7 basis
  • Our senior citizen homes offer the right freedom of choice and security

Sumukha’s senior citizens home are meant for a truly world-class assisted living. Our elderly home have state of the art facilities like health care, fitness, food, and entertainment. Sumukha’s senior citizen homes are located in a serene environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city traffic.

As an elderly home, we are able to respond quickly to the needs of our senior residents. Our assisted living centre is committed to continually evaluate and improve the quality and level of the care facilities and activities that we provide to our senior residents. Sumukha’s home health centre treats each resident as an individual. Our elderly home provides senior assist where the senior residents have all the liberty and freedom to lead an independent living just as they would at home.

Our Philosophy:

Senior residents are considered to be a burden and dependents in society. To change this perspective and to shoulder their responsibilities, we have started this initiative by providing senior citizen homes . Our Office located at Jayanagar, Marathahalli, and Sarjapur road. At Sumukha we ensure that senior living is not just a way of living, but an ocean of opportunities, freedom, joy and independence where no other elderly daycare will provide as we do. At Sumukha senior resident will discover a new enjoying life with peace and happiness. The thought behind starting this kind of old age home is simple yet profound. We understand that senior resident need to live a life filled with independence, dignity, joy, freedom, and security. So we at Sumukha have caringly created an environment that encourages senior assist to experience things that have been an integral part of their life. At the same time enjoy those moments that one might have missed out in life while fulfilling their responsibilities at our elderly home.

Why need for an assisted living facility like Sumukha?

  • Shrinking joint family system
  • Single child family
  • Abroad and out of station employment
  • The increasing cost of living and maintenance
  • Lack of manpower and resources for housing needs
  • A difference of opinion among the family members
  • Loss of freedom and independent living
  • An increasing threat to life during old age
  • Lonely living in houses
  • Increasing medical ailments and lack of support

Who needs an independent living with Sumukha?

  • Senior residents who wish to stay away after their children’s marriage
  • Senior residents whose children are either living separately or settled abroad
  • Senior residents who wish to attach themselves on serving human society
  • Senior citizens who prefer to live in a peaceful and secured ambience after their retirement
  • Senior residents who are unmarried
  • Senior residents who are childless and have no one to care
  • Senior residents who are divorced, widow or a widower

Now it’s time to spend your mornings and afternoons sharing sweet moments with your better half with an independent living. Strengthen your cultural bonds, make new companion, celebrate various festivals, meet like-minded couples and live life to the fullest at our home health centre. Every facility at our senior citizen home is designed for senior assist and lead a better lifestyle in the coming times.


Our mission is to create and operate a home health facility with passion, compassion, and dedication. We have realized that senior assist is very important for senior living. Our motive is to make assisted living even more transparent and convenient for senSumukha’s senior citizens home are ior resident.

Sumukha is a habitat for senior residents where they can experience warmth and companionship. Our assisted living facility ensures freedom, liberty, and independent living. Our goal is to build a vibrant community with a sense of belonging and filled with enthusiasm. Our senior assist home is a safe haven where the senior resident can live a secured life peacefully. Since Sumukha take care of your daily needs and requirements right from senior assist, food, hygiene, cleanliness, health, and security senior residents are free to enjoy a hassle-free life.

At our assisted living facility, we realize that age may not permit the senior residents who are 75 years and above to undertake many daily activities. As a matter of fact, many senior resident may not even have time to go looking for services that are equally important for them. Keeping this in mind, our old age home offers a whole range of essential services.

Experience the best-in-class staff services

Sumukha has a highly dedicated team of nurses and care assistants to take care of the senior residents. Our old age home has a designated general physician for periodical visits to check the inmates on a regular basis for their well being. Other staff member consists of cooks, senior assistants, maids, and an in-house manager.

Caregivers at Sumukha’s elderly care homes are hired carefully and they undergo an intense training on basics of geriatric care, health, hygiene, emergency management, soft-skills, and managing conditions like dementia etc. Due to this training our elderly care homes can effectively handle a wide range of behavior issues which may range from anxiety to anger and agitation to depression. Staff at Sumukha’s elderly care homes pick-up on the body language of the senior residents to know if they are hungry, irritated, anxious or going through a health problem.

Enjoy a Superlative lifestyle at our senior living homes

Our old age home offers plenty of superlative lifestyles designated for senior resident. Some of the facilities include:

  • LED TVs with DTH connection
  • Rooms with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Water purifiers
  • Geysers/ heaters
  • Emergency call points
  • Western commodes
  • CCTV cameras
  • Anti-skid flooring
  • Panic buttons in toilets and bathrooms
  • Assisted living care for those who cannot live independently
  • Brightly, airy ventilated rooms with adequate privacy
  • Regular housekeeping and maintenance
  • Common laundry area
  • Walking tracks for senior resident
  • 24/7 senior assist care
  • Monitor the blood pressure, sugar levels, temperature, and pulse reading on a regular basis
  • Round the clock ambulance service
  • Tie-ups with some of the leading hospitals
  • Doctors on call
  • Cafeteria with dining facility
  • Library and meditation zone

Enjoy the delicious home-cooked food at our assisted living facility

Food plays an important part in our lives and particularly an enjoyable experience at our elderly daycare centre. Our old age home provides a varied choice of wholesome and well-balanced nutritious vegetarian meals. Sumukha is also able to cater for individual dietary requirements as well. All our meals are prepared and home-cooked at our premises by our trained and experienced cooks. We at Sumukha consistently seek to exceed our senior resident’s expectations. To create a leisurely start to the day, a choice of breakfast is served at our senior citizens home. We serve morning coffee with digestive biscuits for senior resident keeping in mind their health conditions. Nutritious vegetarian meals are served for lunch and dinner. In between a variety of snacks are also offered to the senior residents.

Our daily schedule is as follows.

Morning: Tea/coffee/any malt-based beverage - 6.00 – 7.00 am
Breakfast: 8.00 – 8.30 am
Lunch: 12.00 – 1.00 pm
Evening snacks with tea/coffee: 4.00 – 4.30 pm
Dinner: 8.00 – 8.30 pm

Besides these, our senior citizen home also arranges regular events at periodical intervals to keep the senior residents happy, social, and active. Here are some of the activities listed:

  • To conduct mental and physically stimulating activities for cognitive skill maintenance and development by art and crafts.
  • To undertake various hobbies, yoga, and practice gentle exercises
  • Team activities like line dancing, sing-along, antakshari, housie etc for shared social interaction.
  • To conduct a session on positive group discussion on books, movies, childhood days, success sharing and so on.
  • Celebrating festivals, birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions for those cherishable moments.
  • Learning and sharing sessions on age-related topics like understanding diabetes, nutrition, cause for heart disease, foot injuries, dementia, and arthritis and so on.