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Corporate Medical Rooms

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The Process

Sumukha Facilitators understand your requirement and then customize our services in a considerate and efficient manner. The process begins with the ‘Request for Proposal’. Once we receive the basic necessary information, we plan the programs accordingly. While the process varies somewhat with each client, we have established best practice planning and implementation processes that keep us on track toward remarkable results.

The Implementation

Sumukha Facilitators have created innovative medical room & wellness solutions that are now available to small and medium-sized companies. With implementation of the Company Nurse 24/7 , Sumukha Facilitators can help you achieve your priority with a win-win approach to your workplace injuries.
Medical decision at the point of injury is easy.
Care for your employee’s health
Detect health problems early
Reduce the complication and expenses related to it .
Improve the economic performance of your company
Quick, easy, cost-efficient way to immediately report workplace injuries
Set-up is easy.

Corporate Objectives

Sumukha Facilitators believe the following objectives must be achieved.
General Health of employees to be assessed.
Identification of specific disease conditions in employees.
Identification of possible environmental factors, if any, causing diseases.
Identifying possible measures to prevent new incidence or recurrence of occupation related health conditions.
Review of the employees periodically to analyze the improvement and take specific measures for improvement of their health.


Attract employees looking for quality employers.
Pre employment screening.
Reduce absenteeism.
Improve employee productivity, awareness, self-management and quality of life.
Increase options and resources for controlling health care costs.
It becomes a team building measure.


Sumukha Facilitators have various health evaluations and management programs which is tailor made to meet the requirements of our clients in the most effective way and at the best market cost Sumukha Facilitators also do customized packages according to the requirement of the company on yearly contracts.

Health Camps & Workshops

Nutrition assessment, talks and counselling
Psychologist counselling, Alcohol, Smoking abuse sessions.
Doctor visits
Blood donation camps
Body Composition Analysis
Stress Management- Calm Sutra
Health talks and Seminars
Ergonomics- Activities to reduce work and position induced injuries and ailment.
Eye, Dental and Skin Care.
Wellness Camps, Awareness camps, First Aid training.

Why Choose Sumukha Facilitators?

Sumukha Facilitators provides many positive results to employers:
Reduce Claims 15-20%
Reduce Costs 25-30%
Immediate Reporting

Competitive Advantages

The following are the competitive advantages that differentiate Sumukha Facilitator from other providers.
Company Recognition
History of Success
Health Assessment and Management Services under a single roof.

Health Care Support

Onsite Clinics/Paramedics with First Aid facility
Guidance & Appointment fixing for Specialist Consultations
Support system for Pregnant Employees

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